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Our missions

Bringing together  academic and industrials researchers

In agreement with the public service mission, which is entrusted to establishments, Centrale Innovation aims to professionalize the services given to companies thanks to excellent managing practices (handling of partner shared research projects, control of costs, respect of due dates and delays). The company provides a full service :

  • For laboratories, the subsidiary provides them with its knowledge of management services in research projects, clearness in hiring contractual personnel, flexibility, control and transparence of costs, and also the possibility of participating in projects which aim to create startup companies resulting from research projects.
  • For industrials and/or institutions, the subsidiary provides them with reactivity in their exchanges and an enhanced comprehension by the subsidiary’s operational system which respects the same rules as other contracting companies.

Ensuring technical and financial follow-ups

Centrale Innovation provides laboratories with human and technical means to allow them to ensure at their best their research missions for companies whom have asked for their skills, covered by a framework contract put into place by Centrale Innovation and the engineering schools.
Centrale Innovation thus ensures the purchase of specific equipment, the hiring of qualified personnel, and also daily help to the wellbeing of laboratories.

Centrale Innovation’s missions can be shared into 5 objectives

  • Participating in the expansion of research and the valorisation of products, procedures, know-how and results coming from the research of Ecoles Centrale de Lyon, Nantes, Marseille and ENISE via :
    • Research – Development contracts,
    • study and mesure provisions,
    • expertize and consulting,
    • technology watch.

Centrale Innovation ensures the interface between the researchers of the three Ecoles Centrale and their industrial partners within the framework of their contractual relationships and of the negociation for administrative and financial management of these contracts.

  • Favorising the transfer of knowledge provided by the laboratories to the companies, especially to the SMEs, thanks to Transfer engineers.
  • Expanding knowledge by organizing conferences or shows, study trips in France or abroad, publication or edition of technical, scientific or general information documents, done to support the activities of the Laboratories of Lyon, Nantes and Marseille.
  • Managing the Centre Scientifique Auguste Moiroux located near the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and made to accommodate the companies working in synergy with the Research Laboratories.
  • Aggregate the financial participations of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Nantes, Marseille and ENISE into partner research startup companies.

Centrale Innovation’s environment

L’institut Carnot – I@L

Centrale Innovation is a partner of Institut Carnot INGENIERIE@LYON (l@L) which aims to promote and organize partner related researches by using a multidisciplinary approach spread to fundamental research and to companies.

Competitiveness centers

Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Nantes and Marseille, ENISE and their laboratories are implicated within numerous competitive clusters such as LUTB, AXELERA, VIAMECA … 

Research Tax Credit

The company has renewed its agreement for 3 years (2014, 2015 and 2016)
The Research Tax Credit allows the Centrale Innovation's client societies to integrate the cost of research works billed by Centrale Innovation in their Research Credit Tax figures.
For more information: CIR (Research Tax Credit). Brochure in english.

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