• 17 May 2017

AMPERE Laboratory


  • Electrical engineering,Electromagnetism,Environmental microbiology and applications gene transfer and bacterial adaptation,Ecological engineering,Power electronics,High diagnosis and safety of operation.


Research activities related to electric energy utilization management. In order for these to be optimally conducted, important and original testing means have been made available to the researchers :


High voltage Test center,

Electromagnetic compatibility Test center (EMC)

45kW diagnosis platform for electrical systems

Characterization and reliability platform for passive components

Characterization platform for power SC components and systems

Institut Camille JORDAN (ICJ)


Algebra, Geometry, Logic

Combinatorics, Number Theory

Partial Differential Equations, Analysis

History of Mathematics

Mathematical modelling, Scientific Computing

Probability, Statistics, Mathematical Physics


Biophotonic platform

Optical thin film platform (photonic space)

Microwaves Platform

Power photonic platform

Light scattering metrology platform

Optics for biomedical

Institute of Mathematics of Marseille


The institute is divided into 5 scientific groups, some of which are themselves divided into thematic teams: Applied Analysis (AA) Arithmetic, Geometry, Logic and Representations (AGLR) (3 teams): Arithmetic and Information Theory (ATI) – Programming Logic (LDP) – Representations of Reductive Groups (RGR) Analysis, Geometry, Topology (AGT) Random Mathematics (ALEA) (4 teams): BioMaths Alea (BMA) (2 themes): Mathematics and Algorithms for Systems Biology (MABioS) and Mathematics, Evolution, Biology (MEB) – Probability (PROBA) – Signal and Image (SI) – Statistics (STA) Geometry, Dynamics, Arithmetic, Combinatorics and their Interactions (GDAC)


Surface : 6 260 m2 – HPLC/MS- CPG/MS and GC/MS/MS – FTIR, µIRTF, PIR, microwave reactors – Lyophilizer – Fermenters – Extractors.

Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology


Materials : heteroepitaxy, nanostructuration, nanostructures, multifunctional integration on Si, nanocharacterization.

Electronics : micro-nanoelectronics, circuit and systems conceptions on chip, TCAD, MEMS-NEMS…

Photonics and Photovoltaics : micro-nanophotonics, optoelectronics, M(N)OEMS…

Biotechnology and Health : nanobiotechnologies, micro-nano-biosystems, biomedical sensors, i-wear…


3 large wind tunnels including an ocean – atmosphere interaction at Luminy unique in Europe, a 2m x 2m wood subsonic blower and a smaller one.

3 hydrodynamic channels including one with free surface analog with a partner of Cornell U. (USA) A variable-wall canal, a Herod erosion study channel, a swell channel, a Hexapode offshore test platform.

2 combustion test platforms, a vertical jet study room, a stratified flow platform, vortex dynamics, atomization or solid fragmentation, a directional solidification study, a room biomechanics with research benches dedicated to cardio-vascular releases, vertebrae, PIV instrumentation, visualization, fast cameras, a parallel calculator, etc.


BiosCiences: Biocatalysis and sustainable chemistry – Biotechnology – Enzymology – Bio-inorganic chemistry, metallic active site in biology – Biomimetic/bioinspired catalysis and artificial enzymes – Molecular interactions intestinal mucous microbiota – NMR: analysis of complex mixtures, metabolomics. Chirosciences: Asymmetric and enzymatic catalysis – Molecular and supramolecular chirality, biochirality – Enantioselective recognition and self-assembly – Chiral chromatography, chiroptic methods and modeling – Racemization, deracemization and dynamic splitting – Synthesis of chiral biomimetic ligands and chromophores. CTOM: Quantum chemistry and correlated wave functions – Molecular pseudo-potentials – Nature of chemical binding – Numerical description of mesometry (HuLiS and ab initio) – Excited states of small organometallic molecules – Reaction mechanisms. STéRéO : Synthesis methodology and new activation methods – Organometallic catalysis and applications in synthesis – Asymmetric organocatalysis, dual catalysis and applications – Total synthesis of natural or unnatural bioactive targets – Organic chemistry on grafted surfaces – Domino and/or multicomponent reactions and heterocyclic synthesis. Biodiversity Analysis and Valorization Platform (AVB): Genetic analysis, fermentations in liquid and solid media – Valorization of microbial biodiversity. Chiral Chromatography Platform (PCC): Analysis and separation of enantiomers – Determination of rotation barriers – Databases (Chirbase).


Surface : 6 260 m2 – HPLC/MS- CPG/MS and GC/MS/MS – FTIR, µIRTF, PIR, microwave reactors – Lyophilizer – Fermenters – Extractors



Industrial flows: Obstacle wakes – Turbomachinery – Aeroacoustics – Rotors – Fluid-structure interactions – Flow instability…

Materials, Industrial Processes: Reactive jets and fronts – Combustion – Solidification and fragmentation – Bending of flexible materials…

Natural Environment, Environment, Universe: Sprays and drops – Waves and tsunamis –