• 17 May 2017

FRESNEL Institute

Director: Sophie BRASSELET
Contact: 33(0)



Information & Photonics :

  • Remote sensing
  • Information processing and applications,
  • Optical communication for the IoT
  • Discordered media


Electromagnetic Modeling :

  • Theoretical, numerical and experimental modeling in electromagnetism
  • Asymptotic models
  • Applications

Imaging :

  • Digital approaches
  • Inscrumentation
  • Biology
  • Medical Imaging


Nanophotonics & components :

  • Nanophotonics,
  • Optical and radiofrequency antennas,
  • Optical thin films,
  • High power light-matter interaction


Biophotonic platform

Optical thin film platform (photonic space)

Microwaves Platform

Power photonic platform

Light scattering metrology platform

Optics for biomedical

Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology (INL)

Director: Bruno MASENELLI

Contact: 33(0)



Materials : heteroepitaxy, nanostructuration, nanostructures, multifunctional integration on Si, nanocharacterization.

Electronics : micro-nanoelectronics, circuit and systems conceptions on chip, TCAD, MEMS-NEMS…

Photonics and Photovoltaics : micro-nanophotonics, optoelectronics, M(N)OEMS…

Biotechnology and Health : nanobiotechnologies, micro-nano-biosystems, biomedical sensors, i-wear…


The NANO LYON technology centre based at INL allows its staff to create microelectronic and optoelectronics components for Microsystems and biochips.

Main equipment :

A white room equipped with electronic and optic lithography, material deposition, an ionic reactive engraving reactor and a platform for chemical micro-manufacturing.

Two epitaxy reactors by molecular projections for III-V and two plasma reactors for depositing dielectrics.

Characterization equipment (electric, optic, structural, surfaces).

Calculation means.